«You interrupt too much,» people email me. «Let your guests finish talking.» But I can’t help it. I get curious. I want to know! Now!

Over the past year I interviewed about 80 guests for my podcast. My only criteria: I was fascinated by some aspect of each person.

I didn’t limit myself by saying «each one had to be an entrepreneur» or «had to be a success.»

I just wanted to talk to anyone who made me curious about their lives. I spoke to entrepreneurs, comedians, artists, producers, astronauts, writers, rappers, and even this country’s largest beer brewer.

Will I do it for the next year? Maybe. It’s hard.

Sometimes I would pursue a guest for six months with no reply and then they would call and say, «Can you do right now?» and I’d change all plans with kids, Claudia, business. Συνεχίστε την ανάγνωση