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NEO διαδραστικό βιβλίο «IoM – [Internet of Meanings]» – ISBN: 9781370186792 από το SearchingTheMeaningOfLife


«IoM- [Internet of Meanings]«

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NEO διαδραστικό ebook «IoM [Internet of Μeanings]»  FOR MOBILE (ISBN 9781370186792)  

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IoP (Internet of People)
IoT (Internet of Things)
People and things are growing and it is definitely our business to organize them neatly.
What will be done with the precious but neglected meanings?
IoM (Internet of Meanings)… Come to organize with technology, knowledge of the past, of nowdays and of the future. To connect man with the meanings, and meanings with the meanings. Συνεχίστε την ανάγνωση




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